Bacon’s Acres is looking forward to a fun 2019-2020 season. We are looking for someone to live in our handler cabin starting after mid-July.

Details negotiable depending on the person / people/ situation
Minimal requirements:
1. Dog-loving

2. Willing to care for the dogs at least 1 week / month. No experience necessary, but must be willing to learn, and able to follow instructions.

3. A great fit for the property / environment

4. Honest. Good communicator.

5. Helpful. Handy with repairs would be nice, but not required.

—> Rent for the cabin would be $500, plus utilities (electricity, propane, wood) and 7 days of dog care (feeding/watering/scooping/loving) per month.

—> If you have your own team, it is $1/day/dog for a spot in the dog yard (post, swivel, possibly a dog house)

—> This is an excellent opportunity to be introduced to the mushing lifestyle without the pressure of training for races.

—> Learning to run dogs is a possibility for the right person/people. We have fall and winter trails directly from our yard in Big Lake. 

—> If you want to work off some of your rent, possibilities for additional labor on the property may include:

1.   extra days of caring for dogs when I’m out of town

2.   repairing things

3.   building things

4.   property clean-up

5. helping with plants/garden  

6. …other possibilities to be determined

Bacon’s Acres is a 38+ acre property (solar power optional) in Big Lake, Alaska.  Hot/cold water is on-site in the main cabin.

The handler cabin details:

Dry (no running water) with an outhouse

Propane, electric and/or wood-heated

Has a propane oven/stove, microwave and small fridge

There are shelves, a mattress, futon, recliner, table, desk and chair in the cabin

There are a couple laundry mats with shower facilities in Big Lake (about 3-4 miles away)

Please contact Kristin at, private FB message or call: 907-230-0402, if this sounds like a good fit for the next chapter of your life