Kristin and the dogs of Bacon’s Acres are Iditarod bound again this year!  Our team of 25 dogs (& A Tricky) is in need of a full-time handler for the 2018-2019 training/racing season (August/September to April/May). Looking for an independent, self-motivated, honest, and reliable person who enjoys working with dogs, being active and spending time outdoors.  Experience running dogs is HIGHLY preferred.  Positive attitude required. Good-humored a bonus. 

This is an exciting opportunity to experience the mushing lifestyle.  This is not a 9am - 5pm, M-F job; however, daily adventure, friendly dogs and diversity of experiences are guaranteed. 

We have fall & winter trails leaving from our yard in Big Lake.   We will also be traveling to other areas of Alaska for training & racing.  

Lodging and a monthly stipend will be provided.  Stipend and "off time" are negotiable. There may be opportunity to participate in a local race and/or a qualifying race this season, depending on your level of experience and demonstration of competence.

Work to include, but not limited to, helping with:

1.       Feeding dogs, watering dogs, scooping poop, brushing dogs; trimming dog nails

2.       Prepping dogs for training runs (booties on/off, harnesses, coats, packing sled, etc)

3.       Training dogs on ATV and sled  (with and without me)

4.      Problem-solving

5.      Communicating

6.      Cutting and bagging meat and fish for dogs

7.     Prepping drop bags for races

8.     Cooking fish and meat for dogs

9.     Dog house facelifts - cleaning, painting, minor repairs 

10.   Trail maintenance (minimal)

11.   Caring for and training the dogs when I am out of town 

12.   Making tug and neck lines

13.   Sorting and wrapping booties

14.   Helping with dog medications, massage, foot maintenance, etc

15.   Loading and unloading dogs to/from trailer and dog box

16.   Lifting bags of dog food and drop bags  (40-50 lbs), carrying 5 gallon buckets of food and water

17.   Kennel-related errands

18.   Cleaning & organizing

19.  Doing dog laundry

20.  Helping with social media 

Bacon’s Acres is a 38 acre parcel in Big Lake, Alaska.  We very recently brought power to the property, which is VERY exciting!   Hot and cold water are on-site in the main cabin, as well as a shower, wifi and laundry.   There is a separate handler’s tiny home / cabin, electric &/or wood heated and outhouse.  The tiny home has water storage tanks, a sink, stove, microwave, toaster oven, fridge, wood stove, loads of built-in storage, small tv/dvd, etc.  Photos available by request.

Driver’s license required.  Your own vehicle is ideal, but not necessary.

Please contact Kristin at baconsacres@mtaonline.net, private FB message or 907-230-0402, if this sounds like a fun and challenging way to your spend days and nights this fall/winter/spring. :)