As part of our team, we can include you and your business in a variety of ways depending on your type of and/or level of sponsorship:

  • Wearing your gear
  •  Affixing your logo to our gear and/or sled
  •  Taking photos of our team with your product(s)
  • Having a set of dog coats customized with your logo on them (highest sponsorship level only)
  • Placing your logo on our website (all sponsors)
  •  Attaching your logo to our dog truck and/or trailer
  • Listing you as a sponsor in race paraphernalia (booklets, radio, newspapers, etc)
  • Come on a training run with the team


1.    Provide a financial donation

2.    Provide gear donations or discounts

3.    Supply human or dog food to the team

4.    Become a checkpoint or dog sponsor (see personal sponsor page for options)


(examples of costs)


  • Buys a second training vehicle (new ATV or used side by side), so we can train two teams at a time
  • Buys our dog kibble for the racing season


  • Buys two to three months of Red Paw kibble for the dogs ($50+/bag)
  • Buys a new sled and sled bag


  • Pays for Iditarod's entry fee


  • Buys our booties for racing ($1.20 a piece when >1000 booties are ordered at once)
  • Buys our booties for training September to January (preparing for races)


  • Pays for flight expenses (dogs and gear) for Kobuk 440 OR  Kusko 300


  • Pays for our entry fee for two mid-distance races like the Kobuk 440 or Tustumena 200 
  • Buys a new parka with fur ruff from Apocalypse Design
  • Buys 20 boxes of ground beef ($50+/box of 5o lbs of meat) for the dogs
  • Buys 16 custom-made dog coats (16 dogs is the typical number driven in Iditarod)


  • Buys all the pieces of a new cable-filled gang line for 16 dogs from Mountain Ridge (main line, tug lines, neck lines, leader lines, leader extension) for each race.  This ensures a new line for the safety of the dogs during their journey.
  • Buys gas cards to cover 5 trips to the Denali Highway for essential training for long distance races
  • Lead dog sponsorship (see dog sponsorship page)


  • Team Dog Sponsorship (see dog sponsorship page)


  • Checkpoint Sponsorship (see checkpoint sponsorship page)


  • Puppy Sponsorship
  • Buys a tank of gas


  • Buys a bag of dog food


  • Buys booties for one training run
  • Buys a meal for musher

* All levels include having your logo and a link to your www on the Bacon's Acres' page.  Your logo will be adhered to our dog truck and/or trailer.  Additionally, you are welcome to visit the kennel to meet Kristin, Tara and the dogs.  All levels of sponsorship can be customized to your interests.