Work to include, but not limited to, helping with:

1.       Feeding dogs, watering dogs, scooping poop, brushing dogs; trimming dog nails

2.       Prepping dogs for training runs (booties on/off, harnesses, coats, etc)

3.       Training dogs on ATV and sled  (with and without me)

4.      Assisting with problem-solving

5.      Communicating. Following instructions.

6.      Cutting and bagging meat and fish for dog snacks

7.     Prepping sleds for training runs

8.     Cooking fish and meat for dogs

9.     Dog house facelifts - cleaning, painting, minor repairs 

10.   Trail maintenance (minimal)

11.   Caring for and training the dogs when I am out of town 

12.   Making tug and neck lines

13.   Sorting and wrapping booties

14.   Helping with dog medications, massage, foot maintenance, etc

15.   Loading and unloading dogs to/from trailer and dog box

16.   Lifting bags of dog food and drop bags  (40-50 lbs), carrying 5 gallon buckets of food and water

17.   Kennel-related errands

18.   Cleaning & organizing gear and equipment

19.  Doing dog laundry (washing harnesses, booties, etc)

20.  Helping with social media