Lil Bit, Lil Bit....

The wise one: Miyuki

How far we've come, but OH HOW OFTEN Miyuki (one of my most spoiled dogs), reminds me "lil bit, lil bit".  The glossy image of this life can be seen as "Living The Dream", but some days it is simply overwhelming.  People often ask, "How do you do it all?"  (work, care for dogs, train the dogs, have a boyfriend in Denali, maintain relationships with friends & family, keep an off the grid property functioning, travel, etc).  Well, some days aren't pretty.  Thank goodness for ALL THE PEOPLE in my life that are excited with me about this dream.  And, thank goodness for all the support (love, donations of dog and people food, financial donations, patience, physical assistance, a listening ear, help making decisions, etc) I get on a daily basis.  Some days fly by filled with overwhelming pride, excitement and accomplishment.  Some days, like last night, I go to bed saying "tomorrow is a new day".  I am very grateful for the opportunity to have such an amazing team of dogs accompanying me on this journey.  And, I'm grateful to have so many fantastic people cheering me on. 

Here are some gorgeous fall photos my sister took of the dogs from a training run in Big Lake this past weekend.  As well as increasing mileage, we were giving various dogs an opportunity to run in lead.  As with daily life, some of the run was simply amazing... and other parts required straightening ourselves back out, recomposing ourselves and continuing on.