Bacon's Acres' Prayer Flag Project

♥️Prayer Flag Project♥️

It seems like a time when we could all use a little more hope, love & light-heartedness.

With inspiration from a weekend at Salmonfest with Tara, we decided to gather a big dose of connection, hope, positivity, creativity, love and peace by creating strings of prayer flags at Bacon's Acres from family, friends and fans.

If you'd like to be part of this collective project, you can: 
1. Visit us & create a flag while you're here
2. Find an inspiring fabric scrap (~8"-9") at home & decorate it, if you wish 
3. We can give/mail you some fabric pieces. Contact me if you want us to send you some fabric.

Mail your flag(s) to: 
Kristin Bacon
PO Box 521504
Big Lake, AK 99652

We'll keep you updated on the project. The first four are already dancing!

Thank you, Tara, Cody, Sara & Jarrod 🐾🐾🎉😘