TRICKY - this girl's best boy

Tricky argued he should have been the FIRST dog to be introduced because he was the FIRST dog in my Alaska life... the dog that helped lead my life in a new direction.  Tricky was one of four puppies born March 9, 2009 in Girdwood.  It was the first litter of puppies I ever held. From the time he was very young, he stared directly in my eyes. I took that to mean, "he picked me". When he was about 11 months old, I received a phone call saying the kennel was getting rid of "my" puppy.  I drove down and picked up my puppy immediately. He was thin, stunk and had never been in a house.  He refused to pass through doorways or walk up the stairs, so I carried him up the stairs and straight into the shower.  I learned quickly, if we were going to be good buddies, it would require daily exercise (otherwise, he paced around the house... click, click, click, click, click).  

The day after I brought him home, I bought him a wooden dog house and a tie out.  Don't all sled dogs sleep outside in dog houses?  Well, he stood next to his dog house and stared at the house for hours.  Of course, I gave in... His dog house sign, "TRICKY", will forever live above our cabin door. 

Tricky has adapted to his many roles at Bacon' Acres: Kristin's Canine Companion, Therapy Dog, Puppy Trainer, Kibble Clean Up Crew, Bucket Cleaner, (Fill In) Lead Dog, Squirrel Chaser, Couch Warmer, Entertainer, Fruit Eater, etc

Tricky hopes to train sufficiently to participate in the Ceremonial Start of Iditarod 2016, but requests to be left home on the couch for the remainder of the event.