Felon - Our team’s first main leader

Where would we be without him?!  Felon has raced in lead and finished every race we have participated in: Aurora 50/50, Alaska Excursions 120, Knik 200, Copper Basin 300, Northern Lights 300, Kusko 300, T200 and Kobuk 440… as well as Iditarod 2016 & 2107. After Iditarod 2017, he retired at the age of nearly 10 years old.

In January 2015, he finished 3x300 mile races in 3 weekends with us: Copper Basin 300, Kusko 300, Northern Lights 300. He's simply an amazing athlete.  And, he loves human affection.   I just love this quirky boy!

Felon was born in Denali, AK at Husky Homestead (Berkeley x Solomon) , and is part of the Crimes & Misdemeanors litter.  This litter was originally split between Jeff King and Jake Berkowitz.  I bought Felon from Jake in the fall of 2012.   I had a fantastic opportunity to run the Kobuk 440 in the spring of 2015 with Felon, Menace, Suspect and Burglar all in my team!  Menace, Suspect and Burglar were then residing at Husky Homestead.

Felon continues to live at Bacon’s Acres. He’s a great cheerleader for the team, and enjoys going on <10 mile runs with young dogs.

Because of Felon’s great attitude and effort, he was chosen to father a litter of our pups. He’s the father of Tricky Mini, Molly, Paunch and Mr. Paws. And, he’s the grandfather of Fairy, Pixie and Troll. These are many of our current leaders for our team.