Felon - Our main leader

Where would we be without him?!  Felon has raced in lead and finished every race I have participated in: Aurora 50/50, Alaska Excursions 120, Knik 200, Copper Basin 300, Northern Lights 300, Kusko 300 and Kobuk 440.  

In January 2015, he finished 3x300 mile races in 3 weekends with us: Copper Basin 300, Kusko 300, Northern Lights 300 

He's simply an amazing athlete.  And, he loves human affection.   I just love this quirky boy!

Felon was born in Denali, AK at Husky Homestead (Berkeley x Solomon) about 6 years ago, and is part of the Crimes & Misdemeanors litter.  This litter was originally split between Jeff King and Jake Berkowitz.  I bought Felon from Jake in the fall of 2012. Several of his siblings still live at Husky Homestead: Burglar, Menace and Suspect.  I had a fantastic opportunity to run the Kobuk 440 this spring with Felon, Menace, Suspect and Burglar all in my team!